Marriage, Couples, & Individual Counselling in Nanaimo

Feeling like a ship caught in a storm, with relationship issues, depression, anxiety, or work stress coming at you from all directions?  I provide confidential, nonjudgmental help to find your best life. Personal counselling with unique tools & skills to help you cope and do things differently. Life is better with help.

Marriage & Couples Counselling

Restoring & Healing Relationships. Communication, Connection, Intimacy, Trust.

Intensive Couples Counselling

Make lasting changes in your relationship at a private retreat just for you. Get the right tools to heal and renew your relationship.


Self-exploration & Self-change. Explore where you are; discover where you are going.

Individual Counselling

Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Addictions, Trauma, Anger.
Real Tools for Change: When your life is in crisis you need solutions that work right away.

I help you get hands-on tools to make real, long-term changes in your life, starting now.

Relationship Counselling

I help couples find each other again; Get the skills you need to make your relationship glow. Stop having the same argument over and over, resolve conflict peacefully, solve gridlock (stuck problems), rebuild trust, and get your connection back. In relationship counselling I help couples deal with conflict and distance, teaching positive skills to communicate & connect. I coach couples in a gentle, non-judgmental way that allows them to gain control of interactions and find a deeper sense of trust, understanding, and intimacy. When your relationship works, everything else in life just feels that much better.

If you are dealing with pain and hurt from the ending of a relationship, I can help you through this difficult time too. I also offer effective strategies for dealing with addiction, anxiety, depression, and trauma, and I can help with grief and loss. Overwhelmed by your thoughts? Get skills to de-clutter your mind, relax, and think and act clearly.


The Key to Change

If you find the same problems keep appearing in your life, chances are there are deeper issues. In the depth of your being key issues await your attention, and, once addressed, stuck patterns transform into understanding, better communication, and life-satisfaction. In psychotherapy, I can help with the symptoms (of depression, anxiety, relationship conflict) as well as the underlying issues, so that changes are long-term.

Find your calm harbour through life’s storms

Counseling is more than just listening, it is an active process of change; expect transformation. Most clients experience significant change after just a few sessions.

“In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me lay an invincible summer.” — Albert Camus

“Helping You & Your Relationships Grow, Heal, & Thrive”

Nanaimo Marriage, Couples, and Individual Counselling: Healing relationships, empowering your intrinsic ability to change, rediscovering the beauty of your life.

* Early morning, evening, and Saturday appointments available

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