Covid-19 & Counselling Information: Secure Video & Phone Therapy

Dear Clients,

As a mental health care provider I share in the concern about COVID-19. Mental health support is considered an essential service, and my office remains open. I am following scientifically proven and medically backed information about how respond to the virus. I am also following advice from public health officials.

Then impact of the coronavirus and the economic downturn is beginning to take a toll on everyone’s mental health. These worries have made everyday challenges even more acute. I am operating during regular business hours to help you manage your concerns.

As per official guidelines about limiting in-person contact, I am following distance and cleanliness guidelines, and I am also offering secure video and telephone therapy as a way to process and deal with personal and relationship concerns, in addition to anxieties caused by this virus.

  • My video system is securely encrypted so no one else can hear or record your session. It is also very easy to use–at the time of your appointment I simply invite you into the session through my booking system.
  • I offer video and phone sessions from my private office, so no one at my end can overhear your conversations either.

Alberta Health Services has created the country’s first online COVID-19 self-assessment tool, which you can access through the following link:

As the situation continues to change, I will be constantly reassessing in order to adhere to the latest updates and health guidelines. If you have any questions and/or concerns, you can email me at:

Please see the following Health Canada link for your information on the virus:

Self-care in dealing with Anxiety and Stress

  • Anxiety and stress are natural responses to uncertainty; especially if there is possible danger. This danger response can feel out of your control. What you can control is working on not feeling alarmed about being alarmed. You can do this by managing your thoughts and feelings.
  • Anxiety and stress have triggers; limit your information-seeking to specific times and to reliable sources. Turn off sources of news and information that trigger your anxiety or stress and cause you to be overwhelmed.
  • Emotional reactions can be mitigated by taking specific action. After receiving information about the coronavirus, plan to do practical, specific, and reasonable things to look after the safety of self and others. For example: washing your hands frequently, maintaining social distance and avoiding crowds, and providing yourself with calm and comfort through things like exercise, music, talking to friends (calmly), pets, therapy (phone and video options), and art.
  • While in at-home mode during the virus pandemic, find specific things to focus on: clean your garage, car, or basement; reorganize your house, one room at a time, etc. 
  • If your emotions are overwhelming, and do not respond to self-care, seek professional help. I have effective tools for managing  overwhelm and returning calm to your life.