Counselling Services for Couples & Individuals

With over 20 years of experience, I offer a full-range of counselling support for couples, individuals, teens, and families:

Relationships: I specialize in marital therapy (couples counseling), helping couples create the relationship they truly want. I can help you improve communication, understanding, trust, and intimacy; deal with conflict, relationship gridlock (unsolvable issues), escalating arguments, sexual issues, infidelity, & long distance relationships. Learn how to compromise, how to deal with addictions, anger, and how to manage fear of abandonment. Master relationship repair skills, communication skills, validation, problem solving, listening skills, how to ask questions, and more. With the right tools, you can stop feeling like roommates and turn your differences into the foundation for a long, happy, and rewarding relationship (I also offer Intensive Couples Counselling retreats). Couples counselling is a specialized and very involved form of therapy. I have the skills, experience, and intuition to serve as your relationship guide.

Psychotherapy: Find your own personal mythology, your specialized path for living. This may involve exploration of your strengths and challenges, your relationships (your present, past, and future); and the deeper roots of issues in your life. Explore your potential and chart your course: As a psychotherapist, I can help you distill your thoughts, feelings, and experiences into their essence. This understanding then serves as a rudder for where you want to go in life. Topics can include calling, connection, congruence, setting intentions, balancing priorities, and reconnecting to what truly matters. (More information: Psychotherapy and Healing).

Anger Counselling: Anger management involves more than just identifying triggers; I can help turn off “auto-reactivity” by learning effective ways to notice and process negative emotions, transforming emotions before they become destructive. Understanding how anger affects you and those around you, learning what causes it, and getting good tools is essential for a better life. With effective tools like emotional processing, CBT, Mindfulness, and self-awareness, anger counselling can help you slow down interactions and respond peacefully.

Sex Therapy: Knowledgeable, respectful, professional support for couples and individuals dealing with sexual issues: Different libidos (sexual desire), diminished sexual desire, PE (premature ejaculation), erectile dysfunction, intimacy recovery after infidelity, lack of intimacy/sexual relations, sexual addition, porn use, and more. I can also help with intimacy recovery for victims of sexual abuse and for people dealing depression or anxiety. Fixated on sexual images or negative experiences? I can offer specific sex therapy tools to improve sexual intimacy and overall connection. I help couples & individuals get the tools they need to create the sex life they desire.

Depression & Mood Issues: Learn to deal with symptoms and underlying causes. I can help you get effective skills to feel better. Situational depression, long-term depression, and being in a relationship when dealing with depression all require specific tools to help you cope and feel better.

Addictions: Pornography, internet, social media, drug and alcohol addictions. Using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness therapy, and depth therapy, I can help you resolve the underlying emotional patterns which create the need to compulsively gamble, drink, eat, or use substances. If you are already on a path of recovery, counselling can help you deal with everyday stressors, maintaining your goals.

Anxiety & Stress: Panic attacks, phobias, OCD, shyness, social anxiety, hoarding, and other compulsive behaviors. CBT, Mindfulness, relaxation strategies, and depth therapy (psychotherapy) can help you gain relief from stresses & worries. Learn to de-clutter your thoughts so you can focus on what is important.

Codependency: Gain skills useful in dealing with a codependent parent or partner: Create realistic & effective boundaries, resolve guilt, create a sense of balance between personal and relationship, and find emotional freedom. Some relationships require specialized tools, especially narcissistic personality disorder.

Trauma & Post-Traumatic Stress: Support for victims of trauma, including sexual and emotional abuse. Get the tools you need to put your past to rest; gain control of your memories, nightmares, and fantasies; and have great intimacy in relationships.

Life Challenges: Grief and loss, marriage, separation, aging, self-esteem, loneliness, work-life balance, career, death anxiety (existential issues), aged parents, illness, the mental health challenges, financial stress. By learning how to respond to change proactively, you can move with life’s transitions rather feeling tossed about. Tools include mindfulness, psychotherapy, and “place”–your unique coordinates in life.

First Nations: Counselling services for trauma, residential school survivors, children of residential school survivors, and more. I have conducted workshops for first nations communities on trauma, depression, and anxiety for several years.

Autism and Relationships: Supportive therapy for adults high functioning Autism traits: Relationships, social anxiety, career, self-esteem. In a relationship with someone on the spectrum? I can get you specialized relationship tools to help both of you succeed.

Insomnia & Sleep Problems: Learn successful sleep strategies for a restful, fulfilling sleep. Ask about Sleep Restriction Therapy (SRT–a form of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), self-hypnosis, mindfulness, and psychotherapy solutions. I am qualified and experienced in CBT-i (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for insomnia).

Life Visioning: Resolve “old business” and find forgiveness, live a life based on inner integrity, open doors to life’s possibilities, expand insight.

Dreams: Nightmares, symbols, insomnia, trauma and dreams. Exploring dreams can lend insight into life challenges and important decisions.

“Dreams are the touchstone of our character.” —Henry David Thoreau

Career & Meaning

One way to gauge satisfaction with your job is to check-in with your inner-self: Our natural state, physically and emotionally, is one of ease and equilibrium. This is clearly seen in young children who are naturally curious, excited, and full of energy. If a young child refused to get up in the morning to see a rabbit in the yard, you would know something was wrong.

Similarly, checking in with yourself by finding your baseline (your naturally easeful, curious, & energetic state) and comparing this to how you feel on a typical work day can indicate how aligned with your true self you are. If you do not enjoy your job you are not alone; less than a third of all professionals in North America report being satisfied with their careers. Counselling can help you find a passionate and fulfilling connection to yourself and translate that feeling into your current job or your ideal work environment. Explore what kind of work is truly satisfying at a deeper level.

“Let yourself be silently drawn by the stronger pull of what you really love.”—Rumi

Creative Support

For professionals, artists, writers, and others working on projects or facing creative blocks. Creative enhancement taps into what William Blake calls the Genius—the inner creative core that sparks art, work, and life decisions. Psychotherapy, including mindfulness and self-compassion, are a few of the tools which can enhance creativity.

      “Don’t only practice your art, but force your way into its secrets, for it and knowledge can raise men to the divine.” —Ludwig van Beethoven